A Visit to Cal Acad

Maddy is a CSUMB undergradute interning with PSRC through UROC

On Friday, February 21, I was invited to go to the California Academy of Sciences with Dave Ebert, Paul Clerkin, Marty Schmidt and Jessica Jang. We left Moss Landing at 6:30 a.m. Paul and Dave were in one car and I drove my car with Marty and Jessica. The first part of the drive was quiet and a bit boring because of how early it was, but we stopped in Half-Moon Bay for Starbucks and breakfast and the car ride became quite fun. Singing Disney songs the rest of the way to California Academy of Sciences, we arrived there at about 9:30.
I had never been to the California Academy of Sciences before, so I was really excited. After parking the cars and figuring out how we could switch the cars parking spaces (you can only park in the same parking spot for four hours and we were definitely going to be there longer than four hours), we walked to the building. From where we parked the building didn’t look that big but as we walked up the walkway it seemed huge. We crossed over a really cool bridge to get into the building. Paul then told me that there will be an albino alligator that you can see when you first walk in. My family has taken lots of trips to Florida, so I have seen albino alligators before, but it was still really awesome to see one in California.
After Dave signed us in, Paul, Marty, and I went to where all the specimens are stored. Walking through the warehouse was really cool. We passed a lot of other specimens that ranged from birds to insects and even snakes (my brother would have loved the snakes). I walked behind Marty and Paul so I could admire the other specimens for a little bit longer.
Once we finally got to the bin where our specimens were stored, we had to smart code Centrophorus squamosus sharks. Smart coding is tagging specimens with codes to be able to easily identify them. After we finished smart coding those sharks, Marty and I went back through the bin where the sharks for Moss Landing are stored and made sure all of the sharks were tagged. We realized we hadn’t tagged some of the Deania calcea, so we did that. By the time we finished, it was around 2pm and we headed back to Moss Landing, again singing Disney songs.


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