SIO project

This project is a survey of vulnerable deep-sea sharks in remote and understudied regions of the Southern Indian Ocean (SIO) through examination of commercial trawler bycatch. It is based on the widely publicized 2-month 2012 survey in which PSRC participated. During that voyage, the collection of 22 species, including the discovery of at least seven shark species new to science, gained high profile media coverage and attracted significant public attention. Because the region is virtually unexplored there is a very high potential of the discovery of new species. The initial trip sampled 36 of the 250 seamounts regularly fished by the ship. Using a comprehensive at-sea protocol, the project will collect life history data (age and growth, maturity, distribution, diet) of deep-sea chondrichthyans, take DNA samples, and collect specimens of rare and unknown sharks. The second expedition in usmmer 2014 was as equally productive and important to conservation efforts as expected. It was also was covered by the Discovery Channel to feature on Shark Week 2015’s Alien Sharks II: Return the to Abyss.


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