Shark Family Tree

Oxynotidae: Roughsharks

The Family Oxynotidae (or Roughsharks) includes five unmistakable species of small sharks with rough skin; flat, blunt snouts; small, thick lips; and close-set large nostrils. They’re easily spotted by their paired extreme, high-spiked dorsal fins and stout, triangular cross-sectioned bodies and lack of anal fins. And don’t they look a bit look footballs with fins? They have been spotted in waters across the globe.

Profile Species: Angular Roughshark (Oxynotus centrina)
Oxynotus centrina / Angular Roughshark

Oxynotus centrina / Angular Roughshark

Distribution: East Atlantic (Norway to South Africa) and Mediterranean (not Black Sea); possibly off Mozambique, West Indian Ocean.
Habitat: Coralline algal and muddy bottom on continental shelves and upper slopes around 50 to 777 meters deep, mostly below 100 meters.
Behaviour: Unknown / data deficient
Biology: Can have between seven to eight (South Africa) to 23 (Mediterranean) pups per litter.
Diet: Eats bottom-dwelling invertebrates.

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