Shark Lab

Lab Update: 31 August

Fresh with new specimens and data, Moss Landing Marines Laboratories graduate student Paul Clerkin and University Research Opportunity Center interns get to work at the labs on the Southern Indian Ocean project.

Paul Clerkin completed a second tour of the Southern Indian Ocean aboard the F/V Will Watch this spring, another two-month expedition thousands of miles south of the Island Nation of Mauritius like his first one in 2012. On these trips, Paul serves as on on-board scientist to study bycatch sharks that are caught accidentally the vessel’s fishing nets. This time he brought back more specimens, more data and more attention for new and rare deep-sea sharks endemic to the Southern Indian Ocean.

With the second trip to a close, lab research commences! First on the agenda: re-organize specimens from the 2012 trip, preserve the new specimens in formalin to fix, split samples and photograph an egg case from a new species of Apristurus, or demon catshark.


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