Adopt a Megamouth

The Megamouth is one of our ocean’s most enigmatic shark species. We know almost nothing about this iconic and mysterious deep-sea giant. Recently, Taiwan has had a spike in Megamouth encounters. When fishers catch a Megamouth, the crew cannot afford to release the shark, and they are sold in the fish markets. The captains on this very small fishing fleet have agreed to allow us to study, tag, and RELEASE these peaceful giants, if we compensate them for the animal would bring at the market.

For more information, check out the Project at


One thought on “Adopt a Megamouth

  1. Paul,
    I searched Discovery’s Shark Week sight to try and find a contact and it seems you may be the right guy. This article recently popped up in my news feed, as my parents are from the southern Greek Island of Crete. It looks to be a Megamouth Shark that was caught near the village of Kali Limenes, Crete in the Southern Mediterranean/ Lybian Sea.

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