Shark Family Tree

Etmopterus sculptus (Sculpted Lanternshark)

The Sculpted Lanternshark, which is a relatively new species described for the first time in 2011. Researchers found it to be viviparous (live-bearing), but little else is know about its biology. Most Etmopteridae (Lanternsharks) live in very deep, very dark environments without exposure to sunlight or seasonal changes. Although we don’t know anything about their mating seasonality, scientists assume there is no influence by surface temperature associated with spring, summer, winter or fall.

Distribution Southeastern Atlantic and southwestern Indian Ocean
Habitat Near bottom 240-1023 m, mostly below 450 m
Biology Viviparous. 
Diet Small bony fishes, cephalopod a and crustaceans. 


Sharks of the World, 2014
Etmopterus sculptus Ebert, Compagno & De Vries, 2011. 


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