Featured Artists

Featured Artist: Natalie Renier

Natalie Renier was selected to illustrate the new species Bythaelurus naylori following its first official description.

n-renier_headshot-1Natalie Renier is originally from the Midwest where she obtained a degree in aquatic science. She then traveled to Monterey Bay to fulfill her passions in the Science Illustration Program at CSUMB. She was fortunate enough to complete an internship with Moss Landing Marine Laboratories creating art in the service of science such as this species description illustration. She hopes to continue this type of work into the future acting as the link between scientist and the general public.

Natalie’s Website: nrenier.com

 To create this image, the illustrator started by gathering information during the research phase. This included conversations with scientists about the species, while observing preserved specimens and photos of recently caught specimens. Using this knowledge, along with quantified measurements from a number of different individuals, line work was created representing a holotype male of the species. This illustration is “tradigital”, meaning it combines the best qualities of traditional work with the ease and convenience of digital technology. Therefore, the basic form and texture is rendered with graphite on vellum, which was later scanned and digitally colored to mimic a watercolor painting.

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